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We work in remote and isolated locations everyday so it’s important everyone stays safe. JESI is a digital journey management software that enables JB Contracting to safeguard their travelling employees, whether they are flying, driving, or commuting between work sites.

Allows users to plan a journey, select mode of travel, and create checkpoints.

If checkpoints are missed, JESI creates an escalation process to allocate appropriate resources.

Monitoring checkpoints helps to ensure the safety of our team, no matter where they work.

JESI provides the necessary support to keep our entire team safe at all times.

Our training is based on internal competency (VOC's) and external certification programs. Our goal is to provide staff with training and certification to support their career in the industry. People Tray connects our team to all areas within our business from safety compliance, rosters and health and safety reporting. It increases our business ‘visibility’, builds on strong communication and improves our collaboration.

Our team performs a daily task of recording hours for monitoring and tracking against budget on behalf of our clients. To meet our needs for real time and transparent information, we have partnered with CorePlan to use their digital operations platform for plod management. CorePlan includes an intuitive mobile app for our crew to complete plods, and a web portal for both supervisor review and client approval.


QuikTrak is a GPS enabled digital vehicle tracking system that is fitted to all vehicles in the JB Contracting fleet. QuikTrak provides vehicle locations in real time, as well as providing alerts for a predetermined set of metrics such as speeding. This allows the JB Contracting management team to monitor potentially risky driving behaviour and take the appropriate action.

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PeopleTray is a complete integrated platform for communication, compliance, and training. The platform allows JB Contracting to digitally and seamlessly manage our team and their competencies and daily legislative requirements such as paperless vehicle pre-start inspections.

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GeoMoby is an industry leading technology that is GPS guided and geofenced allowing for heavy plant tracking via an app based system.
This technology also allows JB Contracting to provide monthly reporting on vehicle movements.
Monitoring checkpoints helps to
ensure the safety of our team, no
matter where they work.

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